Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A night at the bars

I hope this video gives a better picture of what it is like to walk into the bar area.

Lately I have been trying to figure out what exactly it is Nightlight does and where does justice take place in that.

I have been accustom to relating justice with, child soldiers, child prostitution, and physically forced prostitution. I have painted in my mind a picture of injustice, that in a sense, has limited my understanding of it.

I want to clarify what exactly it is Nightlight does (and this is to the best of my knowledge, only being here one full week).

They seek to build relationships with girls in the bars who prostitute themselves. They build these relationships by visiting the bars twice a week. The girls that have come out of prostitution and the ones we visit, are not in physical chains or in some way tricked into this life of prostitution. I hope that this does not however, in some way, lessen the compassion you have for these women. I actually think I have been struggling with that. In my head when I think of social injustice, choosing prostitution doesn't really coincide. However, after talking with one of the workers here at NL, I was corrected and enlightened in my way of thinking.

No one ever chooses to sell his or her body. No one desires to be treated like a toy that can be used in whatever way the power over them (the purchaser) desires. No one desires to live in a country where there are no other job opportunities with good enough pay to support family but prostitution. No one desires to have a job where they only get 2 days off a month and when they do work, they have to wear close to nothing in a freezing cold bar, while dancing and entertaining in heels.

But for many women this is their last resort. They are the supply and the men demand.
This has caused me to continue to wonder, 'why is the demand so high?'
I always find myself coming back to the same thoughts. The normalization of sex. The movies we go to and watch, MTV, our favorite TV shows, pornography... all play a part. They teach us, and sadly instill in us, a view of sex that desensitizes us, to what it really is.

At this point I feel like I should write a concluding paragraph, but I don't have one because I still am learning. Thanks for reading and being interested in what I am seeing and learning. I, again, am most appreciative of all your prayers!!


Adrian Martinez said...

wow. thank you for posting that carly. i watched a lot of NOT FOR SALE tonight. i was really good. Praise God for the way He works through you and Sarah. Im excited to keep on hearing more and more about the good things that will come about.

you are being prayed for.

Jon McWhorter said...

thanks for the video carly,
I feel like your trip just became so much more real to me through the video - I'm disgusted by the thought that most of the men you walked by are there for prostitutes... it really is sad.
I'll be praying.

Anonymous said...

hey carly, may God bless you and empower you and protect you!!!!
love, jason & kris

KS said...

Hey Car,

Your Post was one of the most moving posts I have read/watched in a while! Thank you for your willingness to open up and show us something that we may only get to see through your eyes! My prayer is that your knowledge of social justice not be limited to what you may think you know or what others have told you, But what HE has shown you! I pray that you will be able to fuse social justice and His global purspose together. I am jealous because my idea of social justice is limited to what I read, see, and can be involved with in the states. But you carly, you get to emotionally, physically, and spiritually be surronded by it on a very different level. ALright I got to get back to work! I'm praying for you and sarah!

Carissa said...

continue to be moldable in the Father's hands. He will teach you. He will use you. Praying for you!

Margaret said...

Carly Marie -

HE came to set the captive free.

Rejoice and exult in hope; be steadfast and patient in suffering and tribulation; be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

Angela Mooney said...

Hey Carly,
We are learning with you, through you. Please know we are praying and speak, remember you, and pray for you often at our fellowship. We know He is being honored through you.
much love and joy,

Ashley Williams said...

carly girl, Im praying for you! thanks for sharing that post with the video. May you feel His presence in your time there. take care girl.