Monday, August 13, 2007

Good News About Injustice

I am reading a book right now that has been a great encouragement to me at the perfect time. I really recommend this book to anyone. My hope is that who ever reads it, is convicted, encouraged, and motivated toward action.

It's hard to choose what to quote, however, I read this today and thought others of you might find it interesting:

"Our God loves justice. This is the great hope that allows Christians to be a mighty force for justice in a tired, despairing world. For many of us, however, this hope in the character of a just God often lies forgotten and fallow in the neglected corners of our hearts. Unwittingly we become hoarders of hidden hope."
- Gary A. Haugen Good News About Injustice

Haugen is the president of IJM and has had a lot of amazing experiences.


dawn said...

what a great book... and so perfect before you head off to Southeast Asia, where there's so much injustice.(where isn't there?)

thanks for sharing the quote.

Melissa Chapman said...

keep reading. I am sure there is tons of good stuff out there (especially at the riverside public libary =)
way to equip yourself before you go!

Aaron Broadus said...

So Pretty much I can't wait to see what God does in your life as you pre-pare for, experience, & try to somehow process the hole thing when you get back from Thailand ... Your amazing, God's Amazing ... Find your strength in him, but don't forget us, you have to let us know what's going on while you're there.