Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's pouring rain right now. I have never seen lightening as close as I did tonight. I ran from the taxi to the door to my house and still managed to get drinched. I came into a cold room and was shivering.... and for a moment it was like winter.

The picture I posted is from an awesome view I had at dinner a few nights ago.

It's weird that I have been here for about a month. I have been really stretched recently. It's a good thing, but a hard thing. So, to those of you praying for me, I want you to know how much it means, thank you.

The women at NightLight.
I can't imagine what it would be like to come out of prostitution to a world where you attend a worship service every morning and have people in your life who show you genuine love. Nonetheless, coming to NL or attending these services or small groups does not make these women followers of Christ. Please join me in prayer for those who still do not know Him. Pray that their past hurts that seem so very present would be washed away by the overwhelming power of knowing God.


Adrian Martinez said...

im pretty sure ive never eaten anything that high off the ground. oh wait... planes... so i guess i have but still, impressive. its been such a joy to hear how God is working in and through you and Sarah. We all miss you. You are prayed for.

carsonbelmont said...

Carly, I am glad that you are being stretched, thats always good. That view was awesome, and I have never been in rain like that, maybe someday in a hurricane.

Kathy Gonzales said...

Carly, I am so proud that you have given of your time and energy to serve the Lord in this way. God will truly bless your efforts. I pray that all women who have been abused will see the goodness of God and leave that lifestyle and that they will give thier life to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Carly, we miss your smiling face!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carly,
Thanks for the great updates. It sounds very challenging in a much more emotional way that I would have expected. I hope you are doin' alright. Well, we miss you around here, but know that you are doing a mighty work where you are. Love you! Dionne

Margaret said...

Car -
God is AMAZING isn`t He?

Thank you for the awesome picture of the city, its so beautiful - it reminds me of how bright the love of God is...loveyoumissyou,Mom

Whitney said...

I'm so glad you posted! I've missed you! We for sure need to set up a date! Tell me what time is best for you and I'll work around it! Oh, and I need your screen name because sometimes I get on to see if you're on and realize I don't have that! Love you Car!

Melissa Chapman said...

Hi carly!
ok. i just emailed you but I have a new email address. it is a gmail so look for it!
p.s. lightning is frightening. I am glad it didn't get you!

matt cobb said...

so good to read something new from you. it was exciting! continue to love others and serve...and i will definitely continue to pray for you.